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West LA

West Los Angeles is a district in the Westside region of the City of Los Angeles, California.


Welcome to West LA

West Los Angeles (often referred to as West L.A.) is a district in the Westside region of the City of Los Angeles, California. The district lies in a small part of a larger region in Los Angeles by the same name. When locals use the name they may be referring to the district or the larger region known as the “Westside.” According to the Mapping L.A. feature of the Los Angeles Times, the location of the neighborhood is Beverly Glen to Sepulveda and Santa Monica to Pico Blvd. It abuts Sawtelle neighborhood to the west and Century City to the east. Westwood to the north and Rancho Park to the south.
This district contains and is adjacent to an area of Japanese-American culture along Sawtelle Boulevard officially called Little Osaka, which is sometimes called Sawtelle. There are other areas included by locals as part of the West Los Angeles subregion but are not part of the neighborhood called West L.A. itself.
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West LA Demographics

Housing in West Los Angeles is a mixture of low-rise apartment buildings, mostly inhabited by young professionals and working-class families, and single-story tract house developments built between late 1920 and 1960. Two of Los Angeles’s tallest residential towers are at the neighborhood’s northern edge, at the intersection of Wilshire and Barrington.[2] There is a trend toward greater density, as single-family houses get replaced by apartment buildings, or apartment buildings by taller ones, as building sites become available through demolition.

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